Get MENUdo

You've waited long enough. Now is the time to pick up and experience MENUdo with your own eyes.

Click on the flashcard that you own. If it's not listed, or you don't know which to click, just choose Generic.

Installation Instructions

Unzip the file and copy the contents of the folder (all folders and files) to the root of your MicroSD card. MENUdo should then start automatically when your DS starts up. If it doesn't, then you either didn't DLDI patch the files correctly or your flashcard needs to be configured to support automatic booting. Consult the forums at GBAtemp for help regarding further setup.

Source Code                    Generic                    BrotherBand Source Code

AceKard 2                    M3 Real                    Supercard DSONEi

R4i Ultra                    Supercard DSTWO


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